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SGC founders Michael Hananel and Sondra Love have been a successful team for more than 16 years, spanning several industries. Together, they bring to their clients a comprehensive, firsthand understanding of every aspect of their business, with special expertise in consumer goods and services-especially in the beauty, fashion and luxury arenas. Proven leaders who share a passion for nurturing businesses, they are razor-sharp marketers and dynamic brand-builders with an entrepreneurial bent for innovative concepts. Michael and Sondra formed the nucleus of the team responsible for the most successful product launch in men's fragrance history. Their creativity, focus and hands-on dedication have contributed to the off-the-charts success of Bijan Fragrances and the Michael Jordan Fragrances, as well as the creation and ultimate sale of groundbreaking beauty internet company

In these times of constant change and challenge, Michael can claim what very few others can: dot com success. Pre-SGC, as Chief Operating Officer of, the beauty internet company he co-founded in 1999, Michael developed the company's organizational structure and managed day-to-day operations, including 80-plus employees. His clear, strategic thinking not only helped establish the company's vision and mission, but also turned it into a thriving business. Schooled in the fragrance industry, Michael was a founder of Bijan Fragrances subsidiary Xel, Inc., and part of the management team responsible for the success of the Michael Jordan Fragrances. He holds a BS degree in Biology and Business Administration from UCLA.

For the past 16 years, the cosmetics, fragrance and food industries have benefited from Sondra's leadership and the power of her visionary thinking. Prior to establishing SGC with Michael, Sondra co-founded and served as chief executive of a gourmet collectible cookie and candy company, Tasteful Concepts, Inc. and served as a strategic branding consultant to She spent 12 years as Senior Vice President/General Manager of Bijan Fragances, Inc., and as a founder of its subsidiary Xel, Inc., was the driving force behind the introduction of the Michael Jordan Fragrances, executing the most successful launch in men's fragrance history. Sondra holds a BA degree in Marketing and Psychology from Western Kentucky University.

SGC's commitment to your success means making sure you have the right people to do the job, whatever it is. Our resources are without compare.

While we are your chief strategists, at our fingertips is an on-the-spot network of experienced professionals in every area-industry leaders and experts in advertising, packaging, graphic design, IS, public relations, special events, sales distribution and administration, Web site design and development-you name it. We've worked with all of them, on-site, off-site and in-between, and we can vouch for their problem-solving talents. Our carefully cultivated, long-term relationships ensure that you get the benefits of a very large, results-oriented staff-at a fraction of the cost.